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A1 "Walhalla", chair Mr. Ilpo Penttinen
Benefits of EMA

Christine Jasch:
CSR Pays!

Birgitte Mogensen:
Environmental Management Accounting in Practice - General Model for Analysing the Cost of Environmental Improvements Applied to the Collection of Waste in the Municipality of Copenhagen.

Isto Nuorkivi and Tuula Pohjola:
Environmental Efficiency Indicators Case Construction Industry

Maria Csutora:
EMA – Estimating the Benefit side

A2 "Nuuksio", chair Dr. Roger Burritt
Theoretical Viewpoints on EMA and Supply Chain Management

Gyöngyi Kovács, Stefan Seuring and Martin Müller:
Risk Mitigation in Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Walter Vermeulen:
Research Implications of the Creation of Sustainable Global
Product Channels as a Multiactor Process

Ettore Settanni, Giuseppe Tassielli and Bruno Notarnicola:
Input-Output Supply Chain Modeling and the Computational Structure of LCA type Costing

Anytos Angelis:
Greening the Supply Chain through the Use of the Real Options Analytical Framework

B1 "Walhalla", chair Dr. Stefan Schaltegger
Social Aspects o EMA

Roger Burritt:
Turning EMA to the Social - the Case of Australian Aquaculture

Claribel Müller, Walter Vermeulen and Pieter Glasbergen:
Taking Responsibility for the Social Dimension of Sustainability within Supply Chains:
a South African Perspective

Cosmas Ambe:
The Practice of Environmental Management Accounting in South Africa

B2 "Nuuksio", chair Ms. Eeva Lappalainen
Special Implications of EMA

Jarkko Leppälä, Mervi Murtonen, Pentti Ruokokoski, and Juha Suutarinen:
Managing Sustainable Food Primary Production: Farm Map as a Tool of Risk Identification

Gabriel A. Zainescu, Luminita Albu, Lucia Sandru, Petre Voicu, and Daniela Raducu:
Biocompost Based on Organic Wastes for Soil Bioimprovement

Trudy Rood, D. Nagelhout, J.P.M. Ros, and H.C. Wilting:
Potential Effects of Innovations in Aquaculture

B3 "Tapiola", chair Mr. Isto Nuorkivi
EMA in the Baltic Sea Region

Mikko Suominen, M. Häikiö, P. Lehtinen, L. Metso, T. Pernaa, and L.Ojala:
Supply Chain Analysis of Dangerous Goods in the Baltic Sea Region – Multiple Case Study of 14 Supply Chains

Ilpo Penttinen, Hanna Jokinen and Tuula Pohjola:
Use of Material Flow Management as a Link to Ecoefficiency at SMEs

Eino Timola and Tuula Pohjola:
Challenges for Sustainable Supply Chains in Business

C1 "Walhalla", chair Dr. Christine Jasch
EMA in Developing Countries

Christian Herzig, Tobias Viere, Stefan Schaltegger and Roger Burritt:
Implementing Environmental Management Accounting in South-East Asian Companies

Tobias Viere and Stefan Schaltegger:
Using Supply Chain Information for EMA – the Case of a Vietnamese Coffee Exporter

Feroz Iqbal Faruque:
Environmental Management Accounting Practices in a Developing Country - an Empirical Case Study of Bangladesh

Frank Birkin, Zhen Liu, Kenneth Hanf, Maria Rosa Rovira Val and Xu Jieming:
Improving EMA and Environmental Management Performances in Chinese Supply Chains

C2 "Nuuksio", chair Ms. Eeva Lappalainen
Practical Examples of EMA and Supply Chain Management in Finland

Pentti Viluksela:
Sustainability in the Publishing Supply Chain

Anna Kumpulainen and Tuula Pohjola:
EMA in Finnish Daily Consumer Goods Trade

Aapo Länsiluoto and Marko Järvenpää:
Reasons for Environmental Reporting and Its Linkage on
BSC in a Finnish Food Processing Company

D1 "Walhalla", chair Mr. Martin Bennett
Challenges and Future of EMA and Supply Chain Management

Nadine Dembski, Christian Ewering and Georg Müller-Christ:
Sustainable Supply Chain Management in Theory and Practice

Bernd Philipp: Evaluation of Sustainable Supply Chains:
Objectives, Limits and Alternatives. An Exploratory Research.

Renate Hübner:
Logistics in a Loop Economy: The Reuse of Goods and Its Impacts on a Supply Chain

Stefan Schaltegger and Roger Burritt:
Sustainability Accounting Pragmatics

D2 "Nuuksio", chair Mr. Jukka Heiskanen
EMA in Energy Management and Emissions Trading

Eeva Lappalainen, Anna Kumpulainen and Tuula Pohjola:
Risk Management for Emissions Trading

Maija Saijonmaa:
The Role of Risk Related to Carbon Finance in CDM Projects

José Mariano Moneva, Victoria Sanagustín and José A. Moseñe:
Analysis of Social and Environmental Reporting in Windenergy Industry.
The Spanish case.

19 June 2007 - Sirpa Kauppinen