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Pekka Einistö  

Pekka Einistö, Laatukeskus Excellence Finland

Senior Consultant Pekka O. Einistö (M.Sc. and Six Sigma Black Belt) has extensive experience in developing organizational capability and quality both in business and at the public sector. Currently working for Laatukeskus Excellence Finland, Mr. Einistö is in charge of process and quality development. His previous career includes directorial positions in several international organizations as well as a career as a quality
consultant in Japan. Mr. Einistö also visits several universities lecturing on quality and process management.

Jan Elfving

Jan Elfving, Skanska

Jan Elfving is a Senior Vice President for Supply Chain Management and R&D at Skanska Oy. Prior to his present occupation at Skanska, he was a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, from where he holds a Ph.D.

Toni Hemminki  

Toni Hemminki, Rautaruukki

Toni Hemminki is Rautaruukki Oyj’s Manager on Environmental and Energy Issues. He started his career in steel industry with life cycle inventory calculation and has especially worked on International Iron and Steel Industry (IISI) worldwide steel products LCI database. Related to environmental calculations and reporting, he currently is chairman of the IISI LCA Forum’s data and methodology working group and IISI sustainability reporting working group.

Antero Honkasalo

Antero Honkasalo, Ministry of Environment

Director, Evironmental Protection in Industry and Trade, Ministry of The Environment.

Johanna Lemmetty  

Johanna Lemmetty, Nokia

Johanna Lemmetty has a background in environmental management and corporate responsibility. Currently she has a role as a specialist in corporate social responsibility working with global supply chains at the Nokia Siemens Networks. She has a M.Sc. (Tech.) degree in Environmental Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology.

Marjut Lovio  

Marjut Lovio, Kesko

Marjut Lovio works as a Corporate Responsibility Advisor at Kesko. Her responsibilities include corporate responsibility reporting and developing the social quality control of Kesko’s suppliers, among other things.

Birgitte Mogensen


Birgitte Mogensen, PwC

Birgitte Mogensen is State Authorised Public Accountant, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Copenhagen, Denmark. Birgitte is educated as Danish State Authorised Public Accountant (with post-qualifying training within EHS management) and has worked with environmental, health and safety management, accounting and reporting since 1996.

Birgitte is in charge of the sustainability services at PwC Denmark, and since 2000 she has developed solutions for public and private clients wanting to connect EHS and financial accounting. Since 2005, Birgitte has furthermore been the leader of PwC CO2 verification certified by DANAK to perform verification of CO2 emissions. The secretariat of the National Labour Market Authority’s certifiable Social Index is administered by PricewaterhouseCoopers with Birgitte as the responsible leader. The Danish Network for Health & Safety Management Accounting has Birgitte as a chairman.

Hannu Rintala  

Hannu Rintala, ABB

Vice President, Sustainability and Safety, ABB Oy.

Armi TEnnes  

Armi Temmes

Dr. Armi Temmes is a freelance specialist on environmental and sustainability issues. Until the end of 2006 she worked as Senior Vice President, Corporate Public Affairs being responsible for Corporate Responsibility and lobbying coordination in M-real, a Finnish based European paper company. She worked at the University of Helsinki 1980-1988 as an assistant teacher and joined Metsä-Serla Corporate R&D in 1989 to start activities in biotechnical and microbiological research and development. In 1992 she was appointed environmental manager of Metsä-Serla, and in 2001 Vice President, Environmental Affairs of M-real. Temmes is a member of the advisory board of the Finnish Environment Institute. She has chaired and been a member of several environment-related committees and working groups in Finnish and European trade unions.

Martti Hyvönen  

Martti Hyvönen (Thursday)

Martti Hyvönen has studied medicine in Montpellier, France. Having worked as a Chief Physician in the industry he became the Environmental Director at Helsinki Energy in 2001. His fields of expertise are air pollution and health, asbestos and the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) issue. He is the chairman of several environmental working groups in Finland, and within Eurelectric, the association for European energy producers, in Brussels.

Helena Kivi-Koskinen  

Helena Kivi-Koskinen (Friday)

Helena Kivi-Koskinen is a Senior Consultant at Pöyry Energy Consulting. She has 12 years of experience in EHS management, environmental impact assessment, and environmental and energy regulation. Her expertise also covers communications and GRI reporting. She holds a M.Sc. in Administration and Economics degree from the University of Helsinki. Prior to joining Pöyry in 2001, she worked as an environmental expert in the Kesko Group and in JTO School of Management developing among others an environmental business concept called K-Environmental Store that is currently still in place.

10 June 2007 2007 - Sirpa Kauppinen