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Get-together Party (23 May)

The get-together party will be organised at the Espoo Cultural Centre in Tapiola, Espoo.

Espoo has a rich variety of interesting sights and attractions. All the services are at hand. You can get to the centre of Helsinki in 15 minutes, and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport can also be reached in half an hour. It is the second largest city in Finland, well known as a vital centre for high technology and culture. Espoo is surrounded by nature, where rapid changes have begun in the 1950’s when Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) moved there to form Otaniemi Science Park.


Conference (24-25 May)

Tuas-house in Otaniemi


The conference will be held at the TUAS House which is located in the campus area of TKK. The seaside campus area of TKK is located about 10 km from downtown Helsinki that is about 15 minutes by bus or taxi.

TKK – Finland’s oldest and largest university of technology and architecture – has been at the forefront of the country’s technological development for more than a century. Research and teaching at TKK play a key role in the world of Finnish high technology, benefiting business and, furthermore, society as a whole. TKK is an exceptionally dynamic centre of knowledge, with a special focus on developing inventions and promoting innovations.

TKK is also an important part of the international scientific community, and one of Europe’s leading technical universities, with a number of internationally respected research centres on its campus.

The exclusive campus area of TKK was designed by the famous Finnish architect and designer, Alvar Aalto.

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4 June 2007 - Sirpa Kauppinen